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Our story

There are so many sports products on the market and athletes have an overwhelming choice of gear. How do you create something different? Something that people need, that they have never seen before… How do you find the idea that will set you apart from the heard?
It’s with observation, research and creation that Life Sports Gear was founded.

Many years of experience distributing sports gear in Canada allowed our founder to find holes in some of the other brands’ offer. What was missing on the market? Which void did our new brand wanted to fill?

That reflection led to the desire of conceiving quality products that could be used by everyone, without having to break the bank to buy them.

2014: Life Sports Gear is born, with the launch of our first products, a collection of walking and hiking crampons.

With time, our offer grew with new running and hiking gear, always conceived with the costumer’s interest at heart. Every product wants to be innovative in its quality and design, to help active people in their activities. Our willingness to bring sports and outdoor enthusiasts out of their homes to BE Active, BE Safe and BE Well remains our main driver.

2021 is the year that brings us outside of the Canadian borders into the international market. Developed and designed in Montreal, our Life Sports Gear products are now available in 15 countries around the world.

Being Respectful of the environment is part of our core values. That’s why the Eco collection will launch in 2021, as the first brand of running products to use polyester made at 100% from recycled plastic bottle (rPET polyester) and GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard).

A collection of hiking backpacks will also make it to the market, and each registered purchase will lead to a donation to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) for the conservation and protection of species, habitats, and ecosystems. We are proud of this partnership and keeps on working towards a greater sustainability ratio. We donate a part of our yearly profits to this organization to help fight the major problems our planet is facing.

BE Proud! By joining Life Sports Gear community, you are making a difference.