The backpacks from the Discovery Series were inspired by 3 magnificent Canadian national parks such as Forillon, Yoho and Grasslands. They were selected based on their outstanding landscapes, their tourist attractions as well as their trails.

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Forillon collection

Forillon is a national park located in Gaspésie, Quebec, and is known for its historical red and white lighthouse. lts sea, forests and cliffs make this place accessible and family friendly.

Hiking Backpacks

Forillon 18


Hiking Backpacks

Forillon 28


Yoho collection

Named for a Cree expression meaning “awe and wonder”, Yoho national park is located in British Columbia, in the western slopes of Canadian Rocky Mountains. The park is famous for its cliffs, turquoise waters and waterfalls. With exceptional sightseeing, it is the perfect place to do hiking and trekking.

Hiking Backpacks

Yoho 30


Hiking Backpacks

Yoho 45


Grasslands collection

Grasslands national park in Saskatchewan is the ideal place to spend the night under the stars and to experience solitude through the plains, prairies, valleys and eroded rivers. Also called Badlands because it is not fun to travel through if you don’t have the right supplies, this place can be dangerous due to its rattlesnakes, bisons, black widow spiders and wildfires.

Grasslands Collection

Hiking Backpacks

Grasslands 35


Hiking Backpacks

Grasslands 45