3 tips to stay active during winter

Stay active during winter

Winter… Days are shorter, wind is freezing, and snow brings shivers. The cold season repels many people, who are only waiting for spring to come around to start training again. However, there are some tips that will help you stay active during winter.


Planning: The key for winter training

Winter gives us a lot of excuses to postpone a training session: too cold, too much snow, too dark… Know that with great planning, those excuses won’t be valid anymore. First, let’s take into consideration the temperature. A multi-layer clothing allows you to stay warm while being active outside. You can also incorporate hand and foot warmers to your gear, as keeping those body parts warm will help you stay comfortable longer.

Add activity periods to your schedule. Note them in your calendar. Plan them in a moment where the sun is still present in the sky, whether it is in the morning or afternoon. The light will provide you with an extra motivation to get outside. If you think you will still reschedule those sessions, take the opportunity to turn them into a date with friends. It could be for a hike or a day of skiing, but having someone with you will reduce your chances of cancelling the activity.

Also, remember to stay hydrated. In winter, you may feel less thirsty, but it is no less important to drink before, during and after physical activity. Don’t wait for your mouth to be as dry as the Sahara to drink. Because you won’t feel the need to quench your thirst, plan to take some breaks to do so. Putting a thermos of tea or hot chocolate in your bag will allow you to take advantage of these times to warm up.


Choose activities you like

If you feel that putting on your running shoes in the middle of winter is painful, why not change your activity for the season? The possibilities are many and varied. Cross-country skiing, hiking, snowshoeing… You will work your cardio without even noticing, and will develop at the same time other muscles. You can also take advantage of those outings as an opportunity to create wonderful family moments. Bring the kids, the dog and have fun trying new sports together. Who knows, someone might find an unexpected passion!

If the temperature really doesn’t allow you to be outside, a range of options are available indoors. Enrolling in group classes can encourage you to get moving: Zumba, Pilates, step, … Impossible to not be motivated when you are a whole group! Your schedule keeps you from attending regular sessions? Turn to technology. Youtube is full of workouts, the duration, type and intensity of which vary according to your preferences. Depending on the video you choose, your kids might even join you. Guaranteed fun for everyone!


Find your motivation

Set personal goals for the winter period, keeping in mind that your performance may be affected by lower temperatures. Focus more on the fun you’ll have practicing your activities than on breaking records.

You might find your motivation in post-training rewards. Winter brings its share of comforting little pleasures. Knowing a tasty hot chocolate awaits you after your hard work, or that your evening will include a family hug by the fireplace will surely help you find the desire to get active.


Winter is a wonderful season, and you no longer have excuses not to enjoy it.

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