7 gift ideas for runners and outdoor enthusiasts

Holiday Gift Guide | Hydration vest, crampon, hiking backpack

Finding the perfect gift for the runners and outdoor enthusiasts around you can be a hard task. New gear will always make them happy, but it is difficult to make the right choice.

As fans of running and hiking, the Life Sports Gear team decided to simplify your research. You will find below our 7 top picks to give to these active people.


Yoho 45

  1. Yoho 45 – 45L hiking backpack

Price: $149.99

For: The fan of multi-day hiking trips

With a 45 liters capacity, the Yoho 45 hiking backpack can easily carry all your essentials for multi-day trips. Its back panel made of polyethylene and its six compression straps will provide optimal comfort for the full duration of the hike. A raincover will keep their personal belongings dry and let the hikers enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

Giving a hiking backpack from the Discovery Series is also making a difference for the environment. Each purchase registered on our site allows us to make a donation to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS).

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Typhoon Red

  1. Typhoon – 5L hydration vest

Price: $129.99

For: The long-distance trail runner

The nine pockets of the Typhoon hydration vest will provide all the storage space your runner friends need. It comes with two 450ml soft flasks, but it is also possible to add a 1.5L bladder for longer runs. The Typhoon vest has proven itself for trail races: our ambassador Antoine Jolicoeur-Desroches won the 80 km of the Ultra-Trail Harricana of Canada in 2020 with this equipment!

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Sky Trail

  1. Sky Trail – Hiking poles

Price: $119.99

For: The hiking enthusiast

With an adjustable length of up to 135cm, the Sky Trail poles are made of three carbon sections that are easy to assemble. The hiking enthusiasts around you will surely enjoy them when they have to climb (or go down!) any types of mountains. Whether in winter or in summer, the Sky Trail are ready for all types of terrain with their removable baskets.

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Wave Eco

  1. Wave ECO – Running belt

Price: $54.99

For: The everyday runner

The Wave ECO hydration belt will sit comfortably around the runners’ hips and the silicone dots will prevent it from moving when they will be in action. The two 270ml bottles, included with the belt, will keep them hydrated for their whole run.

The best part: all the running accessories from the ECO collection are made of 100% recycled polyester!

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Vortex | ECO Collection | Life Sports Gear

  1. Vortex ECO – Running armband

Price: $34.99

For: The runner who never leaves without music

Also part of the ECO collection, the Vortex ECO armband is made of 100% recycled polyester. The Velcro band will easily secure it around the arm, to run without worries, while following the rhythm of music. Available in two colors, it will please both the more conservative runner and the one who prefer a touch of color.

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Spike Trail

  1. Spike Trail – Crampon

Price: $64.99

For: The snow trail runner

If cold weather doesn’t scare the runners, adding crampons to their gear will surely make them happy. The stainless steel spikes have a great grip on ice and packed snow, which will keep their two feet on the ground. The Spike Trail crampons come with a carrying pouch, to facilitate their storage when they are not in use. Very compact, they are very easy to carry from one mountain to another.

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  1. Runlite – Crampon

Price: $39.99

For: The city runner

You will be a hero by offering the Runlite crampons to all winter runners around you! They are easy to install over the shoes and will not damage the sole. The tungsten cleats have a great grip on the ice and snow, and the thermoplastic rubber band is very lightweight, for a training at (almost) the same pace as in summer.

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