A world premiere – Running accessories made from 100% recycled polyester

Two runners equipped with gear made of rPETwith the text ECO COLLECTION

Being respectful of the environment is part of our core values. As a brand, Life Sports Gear is looking to have a positive impact on our planet. That is why, when we developed our new products, we decided to change their composition to use 100% recycled polyester, also known as rPET. This makes us the first brand in the world to offer a sustainable solution for running accessories.


The ECO Collection

You will find all your favorite types running belts, armbands and handheld bottle in the ECO Collection. The products have all the features you already love, but they are now made with a more sustainable fabric.

Hydration vests

Wave ECO | Hydration Belt | Life Sports Gear


Vortex | ECO Collection | Life Sports Gear


Vapr ECO Handheld Soft Flasko | Life Sports Gear

Handheld bottles

  • Breathable vests

No matter if you need only a bit of water for your run or if you must carry nutrition and fluids on a long-distance race, there is a hydration vest for you. The Torrent model, with its capacity of 2.5L, is perfect for the everyday runner, while the 10L of the Cyclone fits the ultra runners’ needs.

  • Stable belts

No matter the type of belt you prefer, you can find it in the ECO collection. The Wave model will keep you hydrated throughout your run with its two 270 ml bottles, while the Eclipse design, which weights only 58 grams, stretches enough to let you carry more than just your phone.

  • Lightweight armbands

Whether you need the LED lights from the Storm or prefer the minimalism of the Air, the Eco Collection armbands will meet your needs. They are also compatible with most phone sizes.

  • Comfortable handheld bottle

If you like to have your water in the palm of your hand, our handhelds, with BPA free bottles, will be a perfect running partner for you. Their storage pouch are made of 100% recycled polyester and will give you enough space to safely carry your keys and other small objects.

How is rPET made?

Polyethylene terephthalate is made from recycled plastic bottles. Some brands use this technique for the conception of their products, especially in the clothing industry. At the end of the process, the result is identical to a product made of crude oil.

  1. Collection of the bottles

The rPET conception process starts with… us! The bottles that we put into the recycling bin, as well as those collected during cleaning campaigns, are the ones that will end up as recycled polyester. Once at the recycling center, the bottles are separated from the other items and a compactor is used to facilitate their transportation to specific PET recycling facilities.

  1. Sorting and cleaning of the bottles

This step is crucial to ensure the quality of the final product. The caps are removed, and the bottles are cleaned. Afterwards, they are sorted by colors, because mixing colored and clear plastic will affect the tint of the fabric.

  1. Shredding and washing

Once sorted, the bottles are ready to be shredded into small pieces. The flakes then go through a liquid solution to remove all impurities such as glue and labels. After this step, it is very important that only the plastic remains of the bottles in order to obtain quality rPET.

  1. Chip transformation

Next, the plastic flakes are stretched, then cut to create chips. Clear bottles will result in a light finish and color bottles in a dark finish.

  1. Fiber transformation

The chips are then heated, while passing through a machine that makes them spin quickly. It allows them to be more malleable and it is by this process that the recycled polyester fibers are formed.

  1. Textile transformation

When enough plastic fiber has been produced, the factory starts weaving them. The process is the same as for any other textile. At this stage, there is no difference between standard polyester and the rPET textiles.

  1. Final product creation

The textile is used for the creation of products such as our running accessories. This gives a second chance to many plastic bottles and prevent them from cluttering up landfills. Left in nature, they take between 1000 and 1450 years to decompose.

Our journey towards sustainability

This new collection is part of Life Sports Gear’s Green Initiative. We want to reduce our environmental footprint and to offer more sustainable products for runners and outdoor enthusiasts. This initiative began in May 2021 with the launch of the Discovery Series of hiking backpacks, where every purchase registered on our website results in a donation to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

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