Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches


Antoine has always been passionate by endurance sports and always had a strong desire to surpass himself. He first took part of cross-country skiing competitions when he was young. During summer, he was cycling and running in order to stay in shape for winter. He then decided to try triathlon. He immediately caught the triathlon bug and began to train seriously for this sport. He started with a sprint then Olympic triathlon distance competitions at a local, provincial and even international levels. For several years now, Antoine has been a pro in long distance triathlons such as half-Ironman and Ironman, and he likes sharing his passion on his Facebook page and Instagram account. Since he was young, he has always loved running in the woods and he recently discovered a new passion for trail running, specially for ultra endurance runs.

‘‘Younger, I had the chance to live next to a big forest with many trails. So, I have always loved to run in trails and to explore the woods. My passion for trail running is still growing and I always wish to discover new spots to run even longer. Given that I want to perform at the best of my abilities in triathlon and trail running, I need performant gear. I discovered the Life Sports Gear Typhoon hydration vest last summer and I’ve used it many times during trainings as well as during an 80 km trail run. In my opinion, it is really important to have a lightweight and comfortable hydration vest with easy access to my gear and my food when I run. It is even more important to support local companies and this is why I’m very proud to be a brand ambassador for Life Sports Gear. I am really looking forward to try their new products such as poles and hiking backpacks.’’