Photo credit: Nathalie Beaulieu

Alexis Nantel


Alexis was born in the Laurentians, in 1976. He is passionate about hiking and wants to share his passion with as many people as possible in his hiking TV show. All his actions have the main objective: to blend passion and work, this is why he combines TV, radio, blog and podcast. All reasons are good to walk, climb and play outside. For Alexis, it is a matter of balance.

When he was young, his parents brought him in forest to walk on Sunday afternoons and gave him his first compass. Around 10 years old, he became a Boy Scout and then discovers the forest, rowing boat, camping and group life. In his 20s, he did many bike trips in Quebec, Ontario, Maritimes and USA.

In 2007, he discovers mountain hiking by climbing Mont Albert in Gaspésie, Quebec. Then, he climbed Mount Washington in the USA and fell in love with the alpine environment. In the years to come, he climbed 4 or the 7 highest mountains in each continent.

Passionate of adventure, he crossed the North Atlantic twice in a sailing boat, skied on the Abitibi lake, did thousands of kilometers of hiking in the North East of the USA as well as elsewhere around the globe.

In addition to hosting Alexis le Randonneur, Alexis is an outdoors reporter on the radio for Arsenal media and Cogeco media as well as on the blog He also does annual conferences ‘’Le défi pour gagner’’ in schools and organizations. He is very active on social media with thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

‘‘Life Sports Gear was founded in Quebec and it is very important for me to work with local companies. Their products are designed and developed here. Life Sports Gear is also synonym of comfort, quality and attention to detail. I’m proud to participate in the research and development of their hiking backpacks. I’m happy to introduce them to outdoor enthusiasts because they are trustworthy products.‘’