A crampon for every foot

Snow crampons over shoes

Snow has a lot of disadvantages. It gets stuck under your boots and changes into ice for each tiny temperature change. Does it stop you from enjoying the outdoor? Before moving in the South, consider adding crampons to your winter attire.

Many designs are available on the market. To find out which one suits you best, you need to know how you will use them.


You’re a… runner.

The running crampons Runlite

Running outside during the cold winter asks you to pay a lot of attention to your path and adding cleats to your shoes will provide you with a better stability during your runs. We suggest you get a product that you can add over your shoes, so you won’t need to have two pairs. A thermoplastic rubber band, very lightweight, will fix the cleats under your feet. You will not have to worry about them moving while you run.

Search for a product with tungsten cleats. Because of their great hardness, they can be shorter and give you a better grip, without cutting propulsion off your stride. Tungsten cleats prevent premature use of your crampons because it’s a very durable material.

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You’re a… hiker.

Hiking crampons Spike One

Crampons with stainless steel chains will be your best friends during your winter hikes. Strategically located under your feet, the cleats are long enough to provide a stable grip to the ground. No matter if it’s snow or ice, this type of spikes will keep you on your feet no matter what type of path you’re on.

Hiking crampons Spike Ultra

The stainless steel chains are a must for this type of crampons because they are really resistant: the obstacles you will meet won’t damage them. They are also lightweight enough that they will not feel like an extra weight to drag around. Because of the chains, your crampons will be able to adapt to every trail and it will prevent collecting snow under your feet.

The shape, length, and number of spikes are also elements to take into consideration. If you think of using your crampons mostly on flat trails, shorter cleats would be a good choice. If you will be hiking more challenging terrains, you can look for a design with aggressive front cleats.

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You’re a… walker.

Walking crampons City

You don’t have to spend all your money for crampons if you’re only going to use them for walking around the city. A thermoplastic rubber body will be easy to install under your boot and the built-in cleats will provide you with a great grip on snow and ice. Durable, the crampons made with those materials will last many winters. Some designs are even small enough to be carried in your coat’s pocket. You can tell the falls goodbye!

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You’re now ready to find crampons for your feet. No matter what’s your favorite winter activity, a design will perfectly fit your needs. Good luck with your research!

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  1. Mike Gorman says:

    I have tried several different styles of crampons during my winter walks/hikes and none of them stay on they always come off while I’m walking/ hiking . Please make a pair that has straps that come around from either side of the heel that can be buckled at the front of the foot so they stay in place

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